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    Bringing ideas to life.


    Passionate about creativity and development with over 17+ years of experience in project management, business and coaching, I enjoy creating a spark of energy in managers, teams and individuals to achieve the highest standards in their fields, equipping them with actionable tools to foster Creative thinking, Productivity and Leadership.


    Bringing to the table a unique mix of highly appreciated coaching and training talents, entrepreneurial mindset, civil engineering background as well as my expertise in management, I’m uniquely positioned to show you how to build your success on solid foundations.


  • My passion point is to provide a unique and dynamic perspective on problem-solving and decision-making to help you see your projects and challenges in new and innovative ways.

  • My journey began in 2005 with a passion for building structures that improve lives. For about a decade, I worked as a civil engineering project manager, overseeing 30 construction projects from start to finish and experiencing the transformative power of sustainable infrastructure while collaborating with international stakeholders.


    While I was grateful for my successful career, I also realized the critical role that soft skills play in leading projects to success. This realization led me to become an architect of change, shifting my focus to building brighter minds.


    I've pursued my mission with enriching business experiences focused on skills development and management consultancy, while acquiring a unique understanding of the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship. Obtaining certifications and participating in international programs has further deepened my expertise. This gives me the commitment to share the valuable lessons I've gained from my journey and to guide others on their own paths to success.

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  • Voices of satisfaction

    Straight from positive experiences

  • Ms. Camélia´s contribution was highly appreciated by the organizers and participants at the Innovation Lab.


    Camélia contributed as an expert at the Youth Innovation Summit (UNDP, 2019). She provided a Masterclass at the Innovation Lab where she equipped 100 young talents with practical techniques on how to make the perfect pitch for their projects. With her positive attitude, she displayed great talents in training and delivered the Masterclass with passion and commitment. After the Masterclass, Ms. Camélia devoted her full attention to each team by conducting speed mentoring sessions, helping them practice their pitch presentations. Friendly and personable, she quickly developed a rapport with the participants, making it easy for them to ask questions and get feedbacks.


    M. Gregory P.
    Program Lead, Youth Empowerment Organization

    Her ability to effectively communicate with the local and international stakeholders has highly contributed to our projects' successful completion.


    Ms. Camélia did an excellent job of managing the implementation of 12+ economic development projects under FIDIC contracts, ensuring their delivery on time and within the MCC standards.

    I always found her to have a deep understanding of her

    field, an outstanding work ethic and excellent management skills.

    Her duties included conducting site inspections of the project works in progress, establishing risk assessments and proposing mitigation plans. She is extremely organized and works proactively, and was able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done.


    Ms. Malika L.

    Director General, Agency of development.

    Ms. Camélia provided quality training to our employees, with passion and empathy.


    Ms. Camélia has designed and delivered a training program in Management and Soft Skills for our teams and managers, focused on four themes: The effective managerial communication techniques; The Decision-making strategy and tools; Managing stress at work; as well as

    theTime and priority management.
    Both in substance and in form,

    her services gave us complete satisfaction.



    M. Youssef K.

    Director, Engineering company

    The personalized support of Ms. Camélia allowed me to progress towards the best of myself.


    A thought full of gratitude to Ms. Camélia, inspired by all her kindness shown towards me. She accompanied me in a searching intellectual keys, to translate concepts related to Communication and Branding in delicate professional contexts, in daily practices and concrete walking plans.

    I say it as I think, the personalized support of Ms. Camélia has allowed me to progress towards the best of myself.


    M. AbdelRhafour E. 

    Business Owner, Civil Engineering

    You go out at the end of the day with a very useful contact list and super effective tips​."


    I had the chance to participate in a Lunch & Learn training organized by Ms. Camélia, a concept that I find original, allowing the participants to share pleasant moments thanks to different games and group exercises.

    It's simple: you check-in the morning, you start the exercises, you get into the game and you have fun, you go out at the end of the day with a very useful contact list and super effective tips.



    Ms. Leila B.

    Account Manager, Financial institution

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